Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Aoife Ní Diarmait Unknown


2Great Grandson __Edward "Longshanks" I King England


06 Jan 1384 born

07 Jan 1400 [16] succeeded 4th Earl Kent (6C 1360)

07 Jan 1400 [16] succeeded 5th Baron Holland

c 1404 [20] appointed 106th Knight Garter: Henry IV

24 Jan 1406 [22] married at Southwark Cathedral Lucia Visconti

15 Sep 1408 [24] killed at Battle of Île-de-Bréhat


Mother: Constance York

Half Third Cousin (Common Ancestor: Edward "Longshanks" I King England)

Half Third Cousin Once Removed (Common Ancestor: Blanche Capet)

Half Fourth Cousin (Common Ancestor: Philip "Bold" III King France)

Eleanor Holland c 1406 [Father: 21] [Mother: 32]


Father: Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent

Grandfather: Thomas Holland 1st Earl Kent

1G Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Holland

1G Grandmother: Maud Zouche

2G Grandfather: Alan 1st Baron Zouche Ashby

3G Grandfather: Roger Zouche

3G Grandmother: Ela Longespée

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Segrave

3G Grandfather: Nicholas 1st Baron Segrave

3G Grandmother: Maud Lacy

Grandmother: Joan "Fair Maid of Kent" Plantagenet Princess Wales

1G Grandfather: Edmund of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Earl Kent

2G Grandfather: Edward "Longshanks" I King England (S Henry III)

3G Grandfather: Henry of Winchester III King England (S John I)

3G Grandmother: Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Margaret Capet

3G Grandfather: Philip "Bold" III King France

3G Grandmother: Maria Reginar

1G Grandmother: Margaret 3rd Baroness Wake Liddell

2G Grandfather: John 1st Baron Wake Liddell

3G Grandfather: Baldwin Wake

3G Grandmother: Hawise Quincy

2G Grandmother: Joan Fiennes

3G Grandfather: William Fiennes

3G Grandmother: Blanche Beaumont

Mother: Alice Fitzalan

Grandfather: Richard Fitzalan 10th Earl Arundel, 8th Earl Surrey

1G Grandfather: Edmund Fitzalan 9th Earl Arundel

2G Grandfather: Richard Fitzalan 8th Earl Arundel

3G Grandfather: John Fitzalan 7th Earl Arundel

3G Grandmother: Isabella Mortimer

2G Grandmother: Alice Saluzzo

1G Grandmother: Alice Warenne

2G Grandfather: William Warenne

3G Grandfather: John Warenne 6th Earl Surrey

3G Grandmother: Alice Lusignan

2G Grandmother: Joan Vere

3G Grandfather: Robert Vere 5th Earl Oxford

3G Grandmother: Alice Sandford

Grandmother: Eleanor Plantagenet

1G Grandfather: Henry Plantagenet 3rd Earl Leicester, 3rd Earl Lancaster

2G Grandfather: Edmund Crouchback Plantagenet 1st Earl Leicester, 1st Earl Lancaster

3G Grandfather: Henry of Winchester III King England (S John I)

3G Grandmother: Eleanor of Provence Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Blanche Capet

3G Grandfather: Robert Capet

3G Grandmother: Matilda Reginar

1G Grandmother: Maud Chaworth

2G Grandfather: Patrick Chaworth

3G Grandfather: Patrick Chaworth

2G Grandmother: Isabella Beauchamp

3G Grandfather: William Beauchamp 9th Earl Warwick

3G Grandmother: Maud Fitzjohn