Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Alice Camoys


18Great Grandson Alfred "Great" King England


appointed Knight of the Body: Edward IV

14 Apr 1471 fought at Battle of Barnet: York

04 May 1471 knighted at Battle of Tewkesbury: York

married Amy Tattershall

01 Dec 1495 died


Mother: Amy Tattershall

Florence Hastings

Margery Hastings

Elizabeth Hastings

Isabel Hastings

Katherine Hastings

Amy Hastings


Father: Leonard Hastings

Grandfather: Ralph Hastings

1G Grandfather: Ralph Hastings

2G Grandfather: Nicholas Hastings

3G Grandfather: Hugh Hastings

2G Grandmother: Agnes Unknown

1G Grandmother: Margaret Herle

Grandmother: Maud Sutton

1G Grandfather: Thomas Sutton

Mother: Alice Camoys (17G GD Alfred)

Grandfather: Richard Camoys (16G GS Alfred)

1G Grandfather: Thomas 1st Baron Camoys (15G GS Alfred)

2G Grandfather: John Camoys

3G Grandfather: Ralph 1st Baron Camoys

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Despencer

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth 5th Baroness Latimer Corby (14G GD Alfred)

3G Grandfather: William 4th Baron Latimer Corby

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Fitzalan (13G GD Alfred)

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Louches

2G Grandfather: William Louches