Paternal Family Tree: Harrington


c 1400 born

1419 [19] married Elizabeth Dacre

16 Dec 1431 [31] present at French Coronation of Henry VI at Notre Dame de Paris

23 Oct 1448 [48] captured at Battle of Sark: England at Gretna Green

1449 [49] knighted at Aldingham

1456 [56] appointed High Sheriff Yorkshire

23 Sep 1459 [59] fought at Battle of Blore Heath: York at Market Drayton

24 Sep 1459 [59] captured at Acton

30 Dec 1460 [60] killed at Battle of Wakefield: York at Sandal Castle


Mother: Elizabeth Dacre (5G GD Edward I)

Robert Harrington of Horby

Margaret Harrington

Agnes Harrington

James Harrington c 1430 [Father: 30] [Mother: 22]

John Harrington c 1424 [Father: 24] [Mother: 16]

Anne Harrington

Joan Harrington

Katherine Harrington


Father: William Harrington

GrandFather: Nicholas Harrington

2G GrandFather: John Harrington

3G GrandFather: John Harrington 1st Baron Harington

4G GrandFather: Robert Harrington

4G GrandMother: Agnes Cansfield

3G GrandMother: Juliana Barlingham

2G GrandMother: Katherine Banastre

GrandMother: Isabel English

Mother: Margaret Neville of Hornby

GrandFather: Robert Neville

2G GrandFather: Robert Neville

3G GrandFather: Robert Neville

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey Neville

GrandMother: Margaret Pole

2G GrandFather: William Pole

3G GrandFather: William Pole

2G GrandMother: Katherine Norwich