Paternal Family Tree: Guildford


c 1450 born at Cranbrook

married Ann Pympe

married Joan Vaux

c Oct 1483 [33] suppressed at Buckingham's Rebellion

07 Aug 1485 [35] was knighted at Henry Tudor lands at Mill Bay by Henry VII

22 Aug 1485 [35] fought at Battle of Bosworth: Lancaster at Ambion Hill

17 June 1497 [47] was created at Battle of Blackheath (Cornish Rebellion): Crown at Deptford Knight Banneret

c 1503 [53] was appointed 254th Knight Garter: Henry VII

1506 [56] died at Jerusalem


Mother: Ann Pympe

Edward Guildford 1474-1534 [Father: 24]

George Guildford 1470-1534 [Father: 20]

Philippa Guildford 1502- [Father: 52]

Mary Guildford

Frideswide Guildford

Elizabeth Guildford

Eleanor Guildford

Mother: Joan Vaux

Henry Guildford 1489-1532 [Father: 39]