Paternal Family Tree: Grey


c 1328 born at Castle Heaton to Thomas Grey 1280-1344 and Agnes Bayles

b 1349 [21] married Margaret Pressene

Oct 1355 [27] was imprisoned at Edinburgh Castle

a Oct 1355 [27] wrote of the Scalacronica

b 15 Aug 1357 [29] was released

Oct 1367 [39] was appointed Warden of the East Marches

b 22 Oct 1369 [41] died at Buckenham Castle


Mother: Margaret Pressene

John Grey 1349-1369 [Father: 21]

Elizabeth Grey 1356-1412 [Father: 28]

Thomas Grey 1359-1400 [Father: 31]

Jane Grey

Agnes Grey


Father: Thomas Grey

GrandFather: Thomas Grey

2G GrandFather: John Grey

3G GrandFather: Hugh Grey

4G GrandFather: Henry Grey

Mother: Agnes Bayles