Paternal Family Tree


c 1280 born at Castle Heaton

married Agnes Bayles

b Sep 1301 [21] knighted

May 1303 [23] wounded and captured at Ambush at Melrose Abbey

1304 [24] fought at Siege of Stirling Castleunder Henry de Beaumont 4th Earl Buchan

25 Feb 1308 [28] attended at Coronation of Edward II and Isabella at Westminster Abbey

24 Jun 1314 [34] fought at Battle of Bannockburn: Englandundertook a suicidal charge that contributed to the English defeat and subsequently blemished his career

1319 [39] appointed Sheriff of Norham and Islandshire

1319 [39] appointed Constable Norham Castle

1334 [54] granted at Mitford Castle

12 Mar 1344 [64] died at Glendale


Mother: Agnes Bayles

Thomas Grey c 1328 [Father: 48]

Margaret Grey

Isabel Grey

Alice Grey

Ivetta Grey c 1340 [Father: 60]


Father: Thomas Grey

Grandfather: John Grey

1G Grandfather: Hugh Grey

2G Grandfather: Henry Grey

3G Grandfather: John Grey