Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Elizabeth Merbury


3Great Grandson __Henry of Bolingbroke IV King England


1485 born

married Margaret Dudley

1497 [12] succeeded 2nd Baron Grey Powis

23 Apr 1502 [17] attended at Prince Arthur's Funeral Ludlow at St Laurence's Church

26 Apr 1502 [17] received Arthur's sword, pommel forwards at Prince Arthur's Funeral Worcester at Worcester Cathedral

1504 [19] died


Mother: Margaret Dudley

Third Cousin Once Removed (Common Ancestors: Edward Charleton 5th Baron Cherleton and Eleanor Holland)

Edward 3rd Baron Grey Powis


Father: John 1st Baron Grey Powis

Grandfather: Richard Grey 3rd Earl Tankerville

1G Grandfather: Henry Grey 2nd Earl Tankerville

2G Grandfather: John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville

3G Grandfather: Thomas Grey

3G Grandmother: Joan Mowbray

2G Grandmother: Joan Charleton

3G Grandfather: Edward Charleton 5th Baron Cherleton

3G Grandmother: Eleanor Holland

1G Grandmother: Antigone of Gloucester Lancaster

2G Grandfather: Humphrey Lancaster 1st Duke Gloucester

3G Grandfather: Henry of Bolingbroke IV King England

3G Grandmother: Mary Bohun

Grandmother: Margaret Tuchet

1G Grandfather: James Tuchet 5th Baron Audley

2G Grandfather: John Tuchet 4th Baron Audley

3G Grandfather: John Tuchet

3G Grandmother: Maud Abrichecourt

2G Grandmother: Elizabeth Stafford

3G Grandfather: Humphrey Stafford

3G Grandmother: Alice Greville

1G Grandmother: Eleanor Holland

2G Grandfather: Edmund Holland 4th Earl Kent

3G Grandfather: Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent

3G Grandmother: Alice Fitzalan

2G Grandmother: Constance York

3G Grandfather: Edmund of Langley 1st Duke York

3G Grandmother: Isabella Ivrea

Mother: Anne Herbert

Grandfather: William "Black William" Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke

1G Grandfather: William ap Thomas "Blue Knight of Gwent" Herbert

1G Grandmother: Gwladys ferch Dafydd Gam "Star of Abergavenny" Brecon

2G Grandfather: Dafydd Gam Brecon

3G Grandfather: Llewellyn Brecon

Grandmother: Anne Devereux

1G Grandfather: Walter Devereux

2G Grandfather: Walter Devereux

3G Grandfather: Walter Devereux

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Merbury