Paternal Family Tree


10Great Grandson Henry VII King England and Ireland


15 Jun 1823 born

29 Apr 1846 [23] married Mary Louisa Campbell

18 Feb 1857 [34] succeeded 2nd Earl Ellesmere

19 Sep 1862 [39] died


Mother: Mary Louisa Campbell

Francis Leveson-Gower 3rd Earl Ellesmere 05 Apr 1847 [Father: 23] [Mother: 22]


Father: Francis Leveson-Gower 1st Earl Ellesmere (9G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

Grandfather: George Granville Leveson-Gower 1st Duke Sutherland (8G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

1G Grandfather: Granville Leveson-Gower 1st Marquess Stafford (10G GS Edward III)

2G Grandfather: John Leveson-Gower 1st Earl Gower (10G GS Edward III)

3G Grandfather: John Leveson-Gower 1st Baron Gower

3G Grandmother: Catherine Manners (9G GD Edward III)

2G Grandmother: Evelyn Pierrepoint (9G GD Edward III)

3G Grandfather: Evelyn 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull, 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull (10G GS Edward III)

3G Grandmother: Mary Feilding (8G GD Edward III)

1G Grandmother: Louisa Egerton (7G GD Henry VII and Ireland)

2G Grandfather: Scroop Egerton 1st Duke Bridgewater (6G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

3G Grandfather: John Egerton 3rd Earl Bridgewater (5G GS Henry VII and Ireland)

3G Grandmother: Jane Paulet (9G GD Edward III)

2G Grandmother: Rachel Russell (10G GD Henry IV)

3G Grandfather: Wriothesley Russell 2nd Duke Bedford (9G GS Henry IV)

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Howland

Grandmother: Elizabeth Gordon 19th Countess Sutherland