Paternal Family Tree


29 Sep 1312 born at Masham

24 Jun 1340 [28] fought at Battle of Sluys: England

b 1342 [30] married Joan Unknown

17 Oct 1346 [34] fought at Battle of Neville's Cross: England at Durham

29 Aug 1350 [38] fought at Battle of Winchelsea: England

25 Nov 1350 [38] created 1st Baron Scrope Masham

a 10 Jul 1359 [47] attended at Funeral of William Greystoke at St Andrew's Church

31 Jul 1392 [80] died at York


Mother: Joan Unknown

Geoffrey Scrope c 1342 [Father: 29]

William Scrope

Stephen 2nd Baron Scrope Masham 1345 [Father: 32]

Richard Scrope Archbishop York c 1350 [Father: 37]

John Scrope

Joan Scrope

Isabel Scrope


Father: Geoffrey Scrope

Grandfather: William Scrope

1G Grandfather: William Scrope

2G Grandfather: Henry Scrope

3G Grandfather: Simon Scrope

2G Grandmother: Juliane Brun

3G Grandfather: Roger Brun

Mother: Ivette Ros

Grandfather: William Ros

1G Grandfather: William Ros

2G Grandfather: Robert Ros

2G Grandmother: Isabella Mac William Dunkeld

3G Grandfather: William "Lion" I King Scotland

3G Grandmother: Isabel d'Avenel Abenel

1G Grandmother: Lucy Fitzpeters