Paternal Family Tree


13Great Grandson John "Lackland" I King England


11 Jan 1630 born

01 Jul 1663 [33] created 1st Baron Berkeley (Rathdowne Wicklow)

01 Jul 1663 [33] created 1st Viscount Fitzhardinge (Berehaven Kerry)

1664 [34] married Elizabeth Bagot

17 Mar 1664 [34] created 1st Baron Botetourt (Langport, Somerset)

17 Mar 1664 [34] created 1st Earl Falmouth

appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Portsmouth

elected MP New Romney

03 Jun 1665 [35] killed at Battle of Lowestoft: Englandby a cannon ball aboard the Royal Charles.



Father: Charles Berkeley 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge (12G GS John I)

Grandfather: Maurice of Bruton Berkeley (11G GS John I)

1G Grandfather: Henry Berkeley (10G GS John I)

2G Grandfather: Maurice Berkeley (9G GS John I)

3G Grandfather: Richard Berkeley (8G GS John I)

3G Grandmother: Elizabeth Coningsby

2G Grandmother: Catherine Blount (9G GD John I)

3G Grandfather: William Blount 4th Baron Mountjoy (8G GS John I)

3G Grandmother: Alice Keble

Grandmother: Elizabeth Killegrew

1G Grandfather: William Killegrew

1G Grandmother: Margery Saunders

Mother: Penelope Godolphin

Grandfather: William Godolphin

1G Grandfather: Francis Godolphin

2G Grandfather: Thomas Godolphin

3G Grandfather: William Godolphin

1G Grandmother: Margaret Killegrew

2G Grandfather: John Killegrew