Biography of Thomas Dutton 1507-1581


Paternal Family Tree: Dutton


Around 1507 Thomas Dutton 1507-1581 was born to William Dutton 1482-1512 (25) at Sherborne, Gloucestershire

Around 1537 William Dutton 1537-1618 was born to Thomas Dutton 1507-1581 (30)

In 1581 Thomas Dutton 1507-1581 (74) died at Sherborne, Gloucestershire

After 1618. Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Sherborne, Gloucestershire. Monument to Thomas Dutton 1507-1581, William Dutton 1537-1618, Anne Nicholas and Thomas Dutton -1610.

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Thomas Dutton 1507-1581 was buried at Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Sherborne, Gloucestershire


Father: William Dutton 1482-1512

GrandFather: Ralph Dutton 1456-1481

1G GrandFather: Richard Dutton 1430-1454

2G GrandFather: Peter Dutton 1366-1433

3G GrandFather: Edward Dutton 1342-1382

4G GrandFather: Thomas Dutton 1314-1381