Biography of Elizabeth Cust -1779


Paternal Family Tree: Cust


On 30 Jul 1743 Philip Yorke 1743-1804 and Elizabeth Cust -1779 were married

Before 16 Jul 1770. Francis Cotes 1726-1770. Portrait of Elizabeth Cust -1779.


In Feb 1779 Elizabeth Cust -1779 died

After 1783. Monument to Elizabeth Cust -1779. Sculpted by W Tyler.

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Elizabeth Cust -1779 was born to John Cust 3rd Baronet Cust 1718-1770 and Etheldreda Payne Baronetess Cust 1720-1775


Father: John Cust 3rd Baronet Cust 1718-1770

GrandFather: Richard Cust 2nd Baronet Cust 1680-1734

1G GrandFather: Pury Cust 1655-1698

2G GrandFather: Richard Cust 1st Baronet Cust 1622-1700

2G GrandMother: Beatrice Pury Baronetess Dering

3G GrandFather: William Pury

1G GrandMother: Ursula Woodcock 1659-1684

2G GrandFather: Edward Woodcock

GrandMother: Anne Brownlow Baronetess Cust

1G GrandFather: William Brownlow 4th Baronet Brownlow 1665-1701

2G GrandFather: Richard Brownlow 2nd Baronet Brownlow 1648-1668

3G GrandFather: William Brownlow 1st Baronet Brownlow 1595-1666

4G GrandFather: John "Old Sir John" Brownlow 1st Baronet Brownlow 1590-1679

1G GrandMother: Dorothy Mason Baronetess Brownlow 1667-1700

2G GrandFather: Richard Mason 1633-1685

Mother: Etheldreda Payne Baronetess Cust 1720-1775

GrandFather: Thomas Payne