Biography of Eleanor Curzon 1674-1754


Paternal Family Tree: Curzon


In 1674 Eleanor Curzon 1674-1754 was born to Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baronet Curzon 1640-1719 (34) and Sarah Penn Baronetess Curzon 1655-1728 (19)

In 1703. Michael Dahl 1659-1743 (44) . Portrait of Eleanor Curzon 1674-1754 (29) . Kedleston Hall, Kedleston, Derbyshire.


In 1754 Eleanor Curzon 1674-1754 (80) died.


Father: Nathaniel Curzon 2nd Baronet Curzon 1640-1719

GrandFather: John Curzon 1st Baronet Curzon 1598-1686

1G GrandFather: John Curzon 1551-1632

2G GrandFather: Francis Curzon 1524-1569

3G GrandFather: Richard Curzon 1495-1546

4G GrandFather: John Curzon 1474-1514

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Eyre

2G GrandMother: Eleanor Vernon

3G GrandFather: Thomas Vernon

1G GrandMother: Millicent Sacheverell

2G GrandFather: Ralph Sacheverell 1524-1605

3G GrandFather: William Sacheverell 1501-1558

4G GrandFather: Henry Sacheverell 1475-1558

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Montgomery 1476-

3G GrandMother: Mary Lowe 1503-

4G GrandFather: Clement Lowe 1469-

2G GrandMother: Emma Dethick 1525-1606

3G GrandFather: William Dethick

GrandMother: Patience Crewe Baronetess Curzon -1642

1G GrandFather: Thomas Crewe

Mother: Sarah Penn Baronetess Curzon 1655-1728

GrandFather: William Penn