Paternal Family Tree: Compton


c 1482 born to Edmund Compton of Compton -1493 and Joan Aylworth

1509 [27] was appointed Groom of the Stool: Henry VIII

May 1512 [30] married Werburga Brereton

25 Sep 1513 [31] was knighted at Battle of the Spurs: Holy League at Tournai

Jun 1520 [38] was present at Field of the Cloth of Gold at Balinghem

May 1522 [40] was present at Henry VIII Meeting with Charles V Holy Roman Emperor at Dover

a May 1522 [40] married Elizabeth Stonor

1523 [41] served at Scotland under the Henry Howard.

30 Jun 1528 [46] died of sweating sickness


Mother: Werburga Brereton

Peter Compton 1523-1544 [Father: 41]


Father: Edmund Compton of Compton

Mother: Joan Aylworth

GrandFather: Walter Aylworth