Paternal Family Tree: Cockayne


c 1370 born to Edmund Cockayne 1356-1403 and Elizabeth Harthill -1416

b Feb 1388 [18] was knighted

26 Feb 1388 [18] was accused of divers enormous offences in the county of Derby, against the ministers, officers and servants of the king's uncle John, duke of Lancaster.

Mar 1392 [22] received a commission of array

Feb 1393 [23] received a commission of arrest to pursue a fugitive in a case brought to attention by his uncle John

16 May 1401 [31] was appointed Justice of the Peace: Derbyshire

11 May 1402 [32] commissioned to combat propaganda against Henry IV

b 1410 [40] married Margaret Longford

Apr 1410 [40] commissioned to arrest Henry Pierrepoint, a turbulent landowner with interests at Chesterfield and in Nottinghamshire

a 24 Oct 1411 [41] was imprisoned at Tower of London

a 1417 [47] enlisted with Thomas Lancaster 1st Duke Clarence for military operations in the English Channel

b 1422 [52] married Isabel Shirley

07 Jun 1438 [68] died at Pooley

a 07 Jun 1438 [68] was buried at St Oswalds Church


Mother: Margaret Longford

John Cockayne 1410-1438 [Father: 40]

Alice Cockayne 1395- [Father: 25]

Mother: Isabel Shirley

John Cockayne 1411-1504 [Father: 41]

William Cockayne of Sturston 1410-1438 [Father: 40]

John Cockayne

Reginald Cockayne

Roger Cockayne


Father: Edmund Cockayne

GrandFather: John Cockayne

2G GrandFather: John Cockayne

3G GrandFather: John Cockayne

4G GrandFather: William Cockayne

GrandMother: Cecilia Vernon

2G GrandFather: William Vernon

3G GrandFather: Richard Vernon

4G GrandFather: Richard Vernon

Mother: Elizabeth Harthill

GrandFather: Richard Harthill