Paternal Family Tree


4Great Grandson John "Lackland" I King England


10 Jul 1333 born at Clifford Castle

1350 [17] succeeded 5th Baron Clifford

a 10 Jul 1359 [26] attended at Funeral of William Greystoke at St Andrew's Church

b 1363 [30] married Maud Beauchamp

13 Jul 1389 [56] died at Brougham Castle


Mother: Maud Beauchamp (5G GD John I)

Third Cousin Once Removed (Common Ancestors: John Fitzpeter and Isabel Bigod)

Thomas 6th Baron Clifford c 1363 [Father: 29] [Mother: 28]

Catherine Clifford 3rd Baroness Greystoke 1369 [Father: 35] [Mother: 34]

Lewis Clifford 1364 [Father: 30] [Mother: 29]

Philip Clifford c 1360 [Father: 26] [Mother: 25]

James Clifford 1366 [Father: 32] [Mother: 31]

William Clifford 1375 [Father: 41] [Mother: 40]

Philippa Clifford c 1372 [Father: 38] [Mother: 37]

Margaret Clifford 1367 [Father: 33] [Mother: 32]

Mary Clifford

Maud Clifford


Father: Robert 3rd Baron Clifford (6G GS Henry I)

Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Clifford

1G Grandfather: Roger Clifford

2G Grandfather: Roger Clifford

3G Grandfather: Roger Clifford

3G Grandmother: Sybil Ewyas

2G Grandmother: Hawise Botreaux

3G Grandfather: John Botreaux

3G Grandmother: Hawise Newmarche

1G Grandmother: Isabella Vipont

2G Grandfather: Robert Vipont Lord Westmoreland

2G Grandmother: Isabel Fitzjohn

3G Grandfather: John Fitzpeter

3G Grandmother: Isabel Bigod

Grandmother: Maud Clare (5G GD Henry I)

1G Grandfather: Thomas Clare (4G GS Henry I)

2G Grandfather: Richard Clare 5th Earl Hertford, 6th Earl Gloucester (3G GS Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Gilbert Clare 4th Earl Hertford, 5th Earl Gloucester (2G GS Henry I)

3G Grandmother: Isabel Marshal

2G Grandmother: Maud Lacy (4G GD Henry I)

3G Grandfather: John Lacy 2nd Earl Lincoln

3G Grandmother: Margaret Quincy 2nd Countess Lincoln (3G GD Henry I)

1G Grandmother: Julia Fitzgerald

Mother: Isabel Berkeley (3G GD John I)

Grandfather: Maurice 7th Baron Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley (2G GS John I)

1G Grandfather: Thomas 6th Baron Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley (1G GS John I)

2G Grandfather: Maurice 5th Baron Berkeley

3G Grandfather: Thomas 4th Baron Berkeley

3G Grandmother: Joan Somery

2G Grandmother: Isabella Plantagenet (GD John I)

3G Grandfather: Richard Fitzroy (S John I)

3G Grandmother: Rohese Dover

1G Grandmother: Joan Ferrers (4G GD Henry I)

2G Grandfather: William Ferrers 5th Earl Derby (3G GS Henry I)

3G Grandfather: William Ferrers 4th Earl Derby

3G Grandmother: Agnes Gernon (2G GD Henry I)

2G Grandmother: Margaret Quincy

3G Grandfather: Roger Quincy 2nd Earl Winchester

3G Grandmother: Helen Galloway

Grandmother: Eva Zouche

1G Grandfather: Eudo Zouche

2G Grandfather: Roger Zouche

3G Grandfather: Alain Zouche

3G Grandmother: Adelicia Belmeis

2G Grandmother: Margaret Bisset

1G Grandmother: Millicent Cantelupe