Paternal Family Tree: Catesby


1450 born to William Catesby 1408-1470 and Philippa Bishopston

married Margaret Zouche

was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer

24 Jan 1484 [34] was appointed Speaker of the House of Commons

lampooned in the poem by William Collingbourne: The Catte, the Ratte and Lovell our dogge rulyth all Englande under a hogge

22 Aug 1485 [35] was captured at Battle of Bosworth: York at Ambion Hill

25 Aug 1485 [35] was executed at Battle of Bosworth: York at Leicester


Mother: Margaret Zouche (12G GD Henry I)

George Catesby 1473-1507 [Father: 23] [Mother: 14]


Father: William Catesby

GrandFather: John Catesby

2G GrandFather: John Catesby

Mother: Philippa Bishopston

GrandFather: William Bishopston