Paternal Family Tree: Carteret


c 1610 born to Elias Carteret 1574-1640

May 1640 [30] married Elizabeth Carteret

c 1645 [35] renamed at New Jersey

c 1645 [35] became at Province of Carolina a proprietor of

17 Feb 1649 [39] had at St Helier Charles II proclaimed King after his father Charles I was executed; an act that Charles II never forgot.

1669 [59] was elected MP Portsmouth

1673 [63] was appointed Lord of the Admiralty

18 Jan 1680 [70] died


Philip Carteret 1628-1672 [Father: 18]

Anne Carteret -1668

Elizabeth Carteret

James Carteret

George Carteret

Louisa Margaret Carteret

Caroline Carteret


Father: Elias Carteret

GrandFather: Philippe Carteret

2G GrandFather: Helier Carteret

3G GrandFather: Edouard Carteret

4G GrandFather: Philippe Carteret

4G GrandMother: Margaret Harleston

2G GrandMother: Margaret Carteret

3G GrandFather: Helier Carteret

4G GrandFather: Philippe Carteret

GrandMother: Rachel Paulet

2G GrandFather: George Paulet