Paternal Family Tree: Braose


1G Grandson John "Lackland" I King England

6G Grandson Henry I King France

7G Grandson Edmund "Ironside" I King England


c 1224 born to John Tadody aka Fatherless Braose 1197-1232 and Margred verch Llewellyn Aberffraw -1268

b 1260 [36] married Aline Multon

married Agnes Moels

married Mary Ros

b May 1290 [66] was created 1st Baron Braose

c Jan 1291 [67] died at Findon

c Jan 1291 [67] was buried at Sele Priory


Mother: Aline Multon

William Braose 2nd Baron Braose 1260-1326 [Father: 36]

Mother: Agnes Moels

Giles Braose

Mother: Mary Ros

Richard Braose

Peter Braose

Margaret Braose


Father: John "Tadody aka Fatherless" Braose (3G GS Henry I)

GrandFather: William Braose

2G GrandFather: William Braose 4th Baron Bramber

3G GrandFather: William Braose 3rd Baron Bramber

4G GrandFather: Phillip Braose 2nd Baron Bramber

4G GrandMother: Aenor Totnes

3G GrandMother: Bertha Gloucester of Hereford

4G GrandFather: Miles Gloucester 1st Earl Hereford

4G GrandMother: Sibyl Neufmarché

2G GrandMother: Maud "Lady St Valery of Hay"

3G GrandFather: Bernard St Valery

4G GrandFather: Reginald St Valery

3G GrandMother: Matilda Unknown

GrandMother: Maud Clare (2G GD Henry I)

2G GrandFather: Richard Clare 3rd Earl Hertford

3G GrandFather: Roger Clare 2nd Earl Hertford

4G GrandFather: Richard Clare

4G GrandMother: Alice Gernon

3G GrandMother: Maud St Hilary

2G GrandMother: Amice Fitzrobert (1G GD Henry I)

3G GrandFather: William Fitzrobert 2nd Earl Gloucester (GS Henry I)

4G GrandFather: Robert of Gloucester Normandy 1st Earl Gloucester (S Henry I)

4G GrandMother: Mabel Fitzhamon of Gloucester

3G GrandMother: Hawise Beaumont-roger

4G GrandFather: Robert Beaumont-roger 2nd Earl Leicester

4G GrandMother: Amice Gael

Mother: Margred verch Llewellyn Aberffraw (GD John I)

GrandFather: Llewellyn "The Great" Aberffraw

2G GrandFather: Iorwerth "Drwyndwn aka Flat Nosed" Aberffraw

3G GrandFather: Owain "Great" King Gwynedd

4G GrandFather: Gruffudd ap Cynan King Gwynedd

4G GrandMother: Angharad Unknown

3G GrandMother: Gwladus Unknown

4G GrandFather: Llywarch Unknown

2G GrandMother: Marared ferch Madog Mathrafal

3G GrandFather: Madog ap Maredudd Mathrafal Prince Powys

4G GrandFather: Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

3G GrandMother: Susanna Aberffraw

4G GrandFather: Gruffudd ap Cynan King Gwynedd

4G GrandMother: Angharad Unknown

GrandMother: Joan Plantagenet (D John I)

2G GrandFather: John "Lackland" I King England (S Henry II)

3G GrandFather: Henry "Curtmantle" II King England (GS Henry I)

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke Normandy

4G GrandMother: Matilda Normandy (D Henry I)

3G GrandMother: Eleanor of Aquitaine Poitiers Queen Consort France, Queen Consort England

4G GrandFather: William "Saint" Poitiers X Duke Aquitaine

4G GrandMother: Aenor Châtellerault

2G GrandMother: Adela Plantagenet

3G GrandFather: Hamelin Warenne 4th Earl Surrey

4G GrandFather: Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke Normandy

4G GrandMother: Mistress Unknown of Geoffrey Plantagenet

3G GrandMother: Isabella Warenne 4th Countess Surrey

4G GrandFather: William Warenne 3rd Earl Surrey

4G GrandMother: Adela Montgomery