Paternal Family Tree: Brandon


c 1425 born at Wangford Brandon to Robert Brandon 1410-1485 and Ada Calthorpe 1415-1439

1462 [37] married Elizabeth Wingfield

1468 [43] was elected MP North Shoreham

04 May 1471 [46] was knighted at Battle of Tewkesbury: York Edward IV King England

06 Jul 1483 [58] was present at Coronation of Richard III at Westminster Abbey

04 Mar 1491 [66] died at Boughton Monchelsea


Mother: Elizabeth Wingfield (4G GD Edward I)

William Brandon 1456-1485 [Father: 31]

Thomas Brandon -1510

Robert Brandon

Mary Brandon

Anne Brandon

Elizabeth Brandon

Margaret The Elder Brandon

Margaret The Younger Brandon

Catherine Brandon

Eleanor Brandon -1480


Father: Robert Brandon

Mother: Ada Calthorpe

GrandFather: John Calthorpe