Around 1523 Henry Brandon 1st Earl Lincoln was born to Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk and Mary Tudor Queen Consort France

On 18 Jun 1525 Henry Brandon 1st Earl Lincoln was created 1st Earl Lincoln (7C 1525) at Bridewell Palace during the Knighting of Henry Fitzroy

On 01 Mar 1534 Henry Brandon 1st Earl Lincoln died at Southwark


Father: Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk

GrandFather: William Brandon

2G GrandFather: William Brandon

3G GrandFather: Robert Brandon

3G GrandMother: Ada Calthorpe

4G GrandFather: John Calthorpe

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Wingfield

3G GrandFather: Robert Wingfield

4G GrandFather: Robert Wingfield

5G GrandFather: John Wingfield

5G GrandMother: Margaret Hastings

3G GrandMother: Elizabeth Goushill

4G GrandFather: Robert Goushill

4G GrandMother: Elizabeth Fitzalan

5G GrandFather: Richard Fitzalan 11th Earl Arundel, 9th Earl Surrey

5G GrandMother: Elizabeth Bohun

GrandMother: Elizabeth Bruyn

Mother: Mary Tudor Queen Consort France

GrandFather: Henry VII King England and Ireland

2G GrandFather: Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond

3G GrandFather: Owen Tudor

4G GrandFather: Maredudd Tudor

5G GrandFather: Tudur Ap Goronwy Tudor

5G GrandMother: Marged Verch Tomos Unknown

3G GrandMother: Catherine Valois

4G GrandFather: Charles Valois

5G GrandFather: Charles Valois

5G GrandMother: Joanna Bourbon

4G GrandMother: Isabeau Wittelsbach

5G GrandFather: Stephen Wittelsbach

5G GrandMother: Taddea Visconti

2G GrandMother: Margaret Beaufort

3G GrandFather: John Beaufort 1st Duke Somerset

4G GrandFather: John Beaufort 1st Marquess Dorset, 1st Marquess Somerset

5G GrandFather: John Lancaster 1st Duke Lancaster

5G GrandMother: Katherine Roet

4G GrandMother: Margaret Holland

5G GrandFather: Thomas Holland 2nd Earl Kent

5G GrandMother: Alice Fitzalan

3G GrandMother: Margaret Beauchamp

4G GrandFather: Roger Beauchamp 3rd Baron Beauchamp Bletsoe in Bedfordshire

5G GrandFather: Roger Beauchamp 2nd Baron Beauchamp Bletsoe in Bedfordshire

5G GrandMother: Joanne Clopton

4G GrandMother: Edith Stourton

5G GrandFather: John Stourton

5G GrandMother: Jane Basset

GrandMother: Elizabeth York Queen Consort England

2G GrandFather: Edward IV King England

3G GrandFather: Richard York 3rd Duke York

4G GrandFather: Richard York 1st Earl Cambridge

5G GrandFather: Edmund York 1st Duke York

5G GrandMother: Isabella Ivrea

4G GrandMother: Anne Mortimer

5G GrandFather: Roger Mortimer 4th Earl March, 6th Earl Ulster

5G GrandMother: Eleanor Holland

3G GrandMother: Cecily Neville

4G GrandFather: Ralph Neville 1st Earl Westmoreland

5G GrandFather: John Neville 3rd Baron Neville Raby

5G GrandMother: Maud Percy

4G GrandMother: Joan Beaufort

5G GrandFather: John Lancaster 1st Duke Lancaster

5G GrandMother: Katherine Roet

2G GrandMother: Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England

3G GrandFather: Richard Woodville 1st Earl Rivers

4G GrandFather: Richard Woodville Chamberlain to the Duke

5G GrandFather: John Woodville

4G GrandMother: Joan Bittelsgate

5G GrandFather: Thomas Bittelsgate

5G GrandMother: Joan Beauchamp

3G GrandMother: Jacquetta Luxembourg

4G GrandFather: Peter Luxembourg

5G GrandFather: John Luxembourg

5G GrandMother: Margaret Brienne

4G GrandMother: Margherita Baux

5G GrandFather: Francesco Baux

5G GrandMother: Sueva Orsini