Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Eleanor Vitre


3Great Grandson __Edward III King England


c 1467 born

c 1483 [16] educated Oxford University

16 May 1474 [7] succeeded 2nd Baron Berners

b 13 May 1490 [23] married Katherine Howard

28 Nov 1520 [53] appointed Lieutenant Calais

14 Jul 1524 [57] appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer

19 Mar 1533 [66] died at Calais


Mother: Katherine Howard

Thomas Bourchier

Joan Bourchier

Margaret Bourchier

Mary Bourchier

Humphrey Bourchier

James Bourchier

George Bourchier

Ursula Bourchier


Father: Humphrey Bourchier

Grandfather: John Bourchier 1st Baron Berners

1G Grandfather: William Bourchier 1st Count Eu

2G Grandfather: William Bourchier

3G Grandfather: Robert 1st Baron Bourchier

3G Grandmother: Margaret Prayers

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Louvaine

1G Grandmother: Anne "Gloucester" Plantagenet

2G Grandfather: Thomas of Woodstock Plantagenet 1st Duke Gloucester, 1st Duke Aumale

3G Grandfather: Edward III King England

3G Grandmother: Philippa Hainault Queen Consort England

2G Grandmother: Eleanor Bohun

3G Grandfather: Humphrey Bohun 7th Earl Hereford, 6th Earl Essex, 2nd Earl Northampton

3G Grandmother: Joan Fitzalan

Grandmother: Margery Berners

Mother: Elizabeth Tilney

Grandfather: Frederick Tilney

Grandmother: Elizabeth Cheney

1G Grandfather: Lawrence Cheney

2G Grandfather: William Cheney

3G Grandfather: John Henry Cheney

1G Grandmother: Elizabeth Cockayne

2G Grandfather: John Cockayne Chief Baron of the Exchequer

3G Grandfather: John Cockayne

3G Grandmother: Cecilia Vernon

2G Grandmother: Ida Grey

3G Grandfather: Reginald 2nd Baron Grey Ruthyn

3G Grandmother: Alianore Strange