Paternal Family Tree


5Great Grandson Henry "Beauclearc" I King England


1363 born

b Aug 1362 [0] married Joanne Clopton

03 Jan 1379 [16] succeeded 2nd Baron Beauchamp Bletso

c 1374 [11] died


Mother: Joanne Clopton

Roger 3rd Baron Beauchamp Bletso Aug 1362 [Father: -1]


Father: Roger 1st Baron Beauchamp Bletso (4G GS Henry I)

Grandfather: Walter Beauchamp

1G Grandfather: William Beauchamp

2G Grandfather: Walter Beauchamp

3G Grandfather: Walter Beauchamp 1st Baron Elm

3G Grandmother: Bertha Braose

2G Grandmother: Joan Mortimer

3G Grandfather: Roger Mortimer

3G Grandmother: Isabel Ferrers

1G Grandmother: Isabel Maudit

2G Grandfather: William Maudit

2G Grandmother: Alice Beaumont-Roger

3G Grandfather: Waleran Beaumont-Roger 4th Earl Warwick

3G Grandmother: Alice Harcourt

Grandmother: Alice Tosny (3G GD Henry I)

1G Grandfather: Ralph Tosny VI Lord Flamstead (2G GS Henry I)

2G Grandfather: Roger Tosny IV Lord Flamstead

3G Grandfather: Ralph Tosny

3G Grandmother: Margaret Beaumont-Roger

2G Grandmother: Constance Beaumont-Sarthe (1G GD Henry I)

3G Grandfather: Richard Beaumont-Sarthe I Viscount of Beaumont-le-Vicomte (GS Henry I)

3G Grandmother: Lucie D Aigle

1G Grandmother: Petronilla Lacy

2G Grandfather: Walter Lacy Lord Meath

3G Grandfather: Hugh 4th Baron Lacy

3G Grandmother: Rohese of Monmouth Unknown

2G Grandmother: Margaret Braose

3G Grandfather: William Braose 4th Baron Bramber

3G Grandmother: Maud "Lady of Hay" St Valery

Mother: Sibyl Pateshull