Paternal Family Tree


4Great Grandson Henry "Curtmantle" II King England


1318 born

23 Apr 1344 [26] appointed 21st Knight Garter: Founder

26 Aug 1346 [28] fought at Battle of Crecy: England

29 Aug 1350 [32] fought at Battle of Winchelsea

19 Sep 1356 [38] fought at Battle of Poitiers: England

1369 [51] died at Fontenay-le-Comte

buried at Poitiers



Father: Thomas Audley (3G GS Henry II)

Grandfather: Nicholas Audley (2G GS Henry II)

1G Grandfather: James Audley

2G Grandfather: Henry Audley

3G Grandfather: Adam Audley

3G Grandmother: Emma Fitzorm

2G Grandmother: Bertrade Mainwaring

3G Grandfather: Ralph Mainwaring

1G Grandmother: Ela Longespée (1G GD Henry II)

2G Grandfather: William Longespée (GS Henry II)

3G Grandfather: William "Longsword" Longespée 3rd Earl Salisbury (S Henry II)

3G Grandmother: Ela Salisbury Abbess Lacock

2G Grandmother: Idoine Camville

Grandmother: Katherine Giffard

Mother: Eve Clavering