Paternal Family Tree

Maternal Family Tree Osburgh Unknown


849 born at Wantage

853 [4] confirmed at Rome by Pope Leo IV

c 855 [6] visited the court of Charles "Bald" I King West Francia

868 [19] married at Gainsborough Ealhswith Mercia

04 Jan 871 [22] fought at Battle of Reading: English

08 Jan 871 [22] fought at Battle of Ashdown: English at Berkshire

c 22 Mar 871 [22] fought at Battle of Marton: English

23 Apr 871 [22] succeeded at Alfred "The Great" Becomes King of EnglandKing England: Wessex

c 12 May 878 [29] fought at Battle of Edington: English

c Aug 878 [29] signed at Treaty Wedmore

26 Oct 899 [50] died at Winchester

buried at Hyde Abbey


Mother: Ealhswith Mercia

Æthelflæd Wessex c 870 [Father: 21]

Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons c 874 [Father: 25]

Æthelgifu Wessex Abbess Shaftesbury

Æthelweard Wessex

Ælfthryth Wessex


Father: Æthelwulf King Wessex

Grandfather: Egbert King Wessex

1G Grandfather: Ealmund King Kent

2G Grandfather: Eafa Wessex

3G Grandfather: Eoppa Wessex

Mother: Osburgh Unknown

Grandfather: Oslac Unknown