Paternal Family Tree: Wessex


Son Edgar "Peaceful" I King England


c 966 born to Edgar Peaceful I King England 943-975 and Ælfthryth Unknown

18 Mar 978 [12] succeeded II King England: Wessex

c 985 [19] married Ælfgifu Northumbria

1002 [36] married Emma Normandy Queen Consort England

13 Nov 1002 [36] ordered at St. Brice's Day Massacre

23 Apr 1016 [50] died


Mother: Ælfgifu Northumbria

Æthelstan Ætheling Wessex -1014

Ecgberht Ætheling Wessex -1005

Edmund Ironside I King England -1016

Eadred Ætheling Wessex -1013

Eadwig Ætheling Wessex -1017

Edgar Ætheling Wessex -1008

Eadgyth or Edith Wessex

Ælfgifu Wessex

Wulfhilda Wessex

Unamed Wessex Abbess Wherwell

Mother: Emma Normandy Queen Consort England

Edward Confessor King England 1003-1066 [Father: 37] [Mother: 18]

Ælfred Ætheling Wessex 1005-1037 [Father: 39] [Mother: 20]

Goda Wessex 1004-1047 [Father: 38] [Mother: 19]


Father: Edgar "Peaceful" I King England

GrandFather: Edmund I King England

2G GrandFather: Edward "Elder" King Anglo-Saxons

3G GrandFather: Alfred "The Great" King England

4G GrandFather: Æthelwulf King Wessex

4G GrandMother: Osburgh Unknown

3G GrandMother: Ealhswith Mercia

4G GrandFather: Æthelred Mucel Mercia Earldorman Gaini

4G GrandMother: Eadburh Mercia

2G GrandMother: Eadgifu Kent

3G GrandFather: Sigehelm Kent

GrandMother: Ælfgifu Shaftesbury

Mother: Ælfthryth Unknown