Alice Camoys: 8 generations with 60 people

Mary Scrope 1476-1548: 3 generations with 11 people including Bridget Kingston, Anthony Kingston, Margaret Kingston

Elizabeth Grey -1427: 7 generations with 38 people

Anna-Maria Mordaunt -1771: 9 generations with 116 people

Harriet Katherine Townshend 1773-1814: 3 generations with 14 people including Walter Francis Montagu-douglas-scott 7th Duke Queensbury


Margaret Burgh: 5 generations with 37 people including Elizabeth Burgh Queen Consort Scotland, David II King Scotland


Gwladys ferch Rhiwallon Mathrafal: 3 generations with 9 people including Gruffudd ap Rhys King Deheubarth


Isabella Metz I Duchess Lorraine 1400-1453: 5 generations with 34 people including Antoine King Navarre, Margaret of Anjou Valois-anjou Queen Consort England

Katherine Roet 1350-1403: 21 generations with 208 people including Edward IV King England, Richard III King England


Lucie D Aigle: 4 generations with 18 people including Ermengarde Beaumont-sarthe Queen Consort Scotland, Alexander II King Scotland


Frances Aylesbury: 3 generations with 12 people including Mary II Queen England, Scotland and Ireland

Cicely Baker: 8 generations with 77 people

Elizabeth Bettershorne: 11 generations with 83 people

Joan Bittelsgate 1390-1448: 7 generations with 26 people including Catherine Parr Queen Consort England

Lucy Boyle: 5 generations with 64 people including John 1st Earl Russell of Kingston Russell in Dorset, William Henry Walter Montagu-douglas-scott 8th Duke Queensbury

Caroline Louisa Burnaby: 5 generations with 19 people including Elizabeth II Queen United Kingdom

Rebecca Child: 7 generations with 45 people

Eleanor Copley: 7 generations with 43 people

Elizabeth Coxe: 3 generations with 9 people including Robert 3rd Earl Kingston upon Hull, William 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull, Evelyn 4th Earl Kingston upon Hull, 1st Duke Kingston upon Hull


Isabel Dalbini: 10 generations with 64 people


Grizel Durham -1666: 4 generations with 15 people including John 4th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne

Anne Fitzwilliam: 7 generations with 91 people

Margaret Fortescue: 4 generations with 17 people including Roger Palmer MP Queenborough, James of Dorney Court Palmer MP Queenborough

Maud Francis: 7 generations with 33 people

Mary Gilbert: 3 generations with 7 people including John 10th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Thomas 11th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne

Jane Granville -1696: 7 generations with 35 people

Charlotte Grimstead 1797-1881: 2 generations with 8 people including Thomas 12th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Claude 13th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne

Alice Hales -1330: 7 generations with 36 people

Elizabeth Harries 1629-: 8 generations with 104 people

Elizabeth Home: 8 generations with 76 people

Catherine Hoskyns: 4 generations with 22 people including Aubrey MP Kingston-upon-Hull

Elizabeth Howland: 9 generations with 56 people


Dangereuse Île-bouchard 1079-1151: 8 generations with 109 people including Eleanor of Aquitaine Poitiers Queen Consort France, Queen Consort England, Richard "Lionheart" I King England, Eleanor Plantagenet Queen Castile, Berengaria I Queen Castile, Ferdinand III King Castile, III King Leon, Sancho "Pious" II King Portugal, Alfonso III King Portugal, Blanche of Castile Ivrea Queen Consort France, Louis IX King France, Charles King Sicily, Henry I King Castile, Joan Plantagenet Queen Consort Sicily, John "Lackland" I King England


Sarah Jennings 1660-1744: 6 generations with 44 people including Charles William Henry Montagu-scott 6th Duke Queensbury

Elizabeth Leeke: 6 generations with 28 people including Robert 1st Earl Kingston upon Hull

Elizabeth Leyburne 1536-1567: 7 generations with 31 people


Ermesinde Luxembourg: 11 generations with 77 people


Aoife Ní Diarmait Macmurrough 1145-1188: 20 generations with 662 people including Henry of Monmouth V King England, Philippa Lancaster Queen Consort Denmark, Joan Beaufort Queen Consort Scotland, Henry II King France, James II King Scotland, Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury


Elizabeth May: 7 generations with 52 people

Elizabeth Merbury: 10 generations with 157 people

Mary Morris -1648: 7 generations with 54 people

Frances Newton: 7 generations with 37 people

Jean Nicholson -1778: 5 generations with 24 people including John 9th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne

Ælfgifu Northumbria: 2 generations with 11 people including Edmund "Ironside" I King England

Anne Pakenham 1511-1544: 9 generations with 113 people

Margaret Pipard: 10 generations with 71 people including Margaret 3rd Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire, Elizabeth 4th Baroness Lisle of Kingston Lisle in Oxfordshire


Elizabeth Pomerania: 2 generations with 7 people including Anne Bohemia Queen Consort England


Elizabeth Preston: 4 generations with 23 people including John 5th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Charles 6th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, James 7th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne, Thomas 8th Earl Strathmore and Kinghorne

Elizabeth Rayner 1556-1612: 3 generations with 12 people including Henry 2nd Earl Kingston upon Hull

Emmeline Riddlesford: 13 generations with 204 people