Biography of Thomas Woolner

Family Trees


On 17 Dec 1825 Thomas Woolner 1825-1892 was born in Hadleigh.

After 1837 William Behnes 1795-1864Was tutor to Henry Weekes 1807-1877 and Thomas Woolner 1825-1892.

After 1882.Cartmel Priory, Cartmel, Lancashire.Monument to Frederick Cavendish 1836-1882. Sculpted by Thomas Woolner 1825-1892.Marble effigy on alabaster tomb chest.

On 17 Oct 1892 Thomas Woolner 1825-1892 diedFrom a stroke.

St Giles' Church, Wrexham, Denbighshire, North-East Wales. After 1863. Monument to Ellen Mary Palmer -1863. Sculpted by Thomas Woolner 1825-1892.