Biography of Richard "The Younger" Westmacott


In 1799 Richard "The Younger" Westmacott was bornTo Richard Westmacott

After 19 Feb 1804 .St Deiniol & St Marcella. Monument to the Philip Yorke. Sculpted by Richard "The Younger" Westmacott.

After 1840 Monument to George Errington in St Oswalds Church. Sculpted by Richard "The Younger" Westmacott. St Oswalds Church.

After 1846 St Mary's Church. Monument to Charlotte Lucy Beatrix Egerton who drowned in Rostherne Mere 10 Nov 1845 aged 21; the day before her wedding day. It isn't known whether it was accidental or suicide. Sculpted Richard "The Younger" Westmacott.

On 19 Apr 1892 Richard "The Younger" Westmacott died

St James the Apostle Church. Monument to those contained in the vault: Richard Fitzpatrick and Anne Robinson Richard "The Younger" Westmacott.

Richard "The Younger" Westmacott


Father: Richard Westmacott

GrandFather: Richard "The Elder" Westmacott