Biography of Maximillian Colt


After 1626 St Peter's Church, Edensor, Chatsworth, Derbyshire. Monument to William Cavendish 1st Earl Devonshire 1552-1626 and Henry Cavendish 1550-1616. The two bodies under a low four-poster with black Ionic columns and black covering slab. Henry appears as a skeleton on a straw mat, William in his shroud with his face exposed. Extremely grand architecture above the two martial flanking figures, then arches with, on the left armour, and on the right purple, coronet, and sword hung up, and in the middle an angel holding the black inscription tablet and blowing a trumpet. The whole is surmounted by a big broken pediment. The monument has been attributed to Maximillian Colt -1641.

After 1641 Maximillian Colt -1641 died