Biography of Daniel Gardner

Family Trees


In 1750 Daniel Gardner was born

Before 1767 Daniel GardnerWas a pupil of George Romney.

In 1767 Daniel Gardner. Portrait of George Montagu-Dunk 2nd Earl Halifax in conversation with his secretaries.He wearing his Leg Garter.

In 1770 Daniel GardnerTravelled to London and became a student at the Royal Academy of Arts where he was taught by Johan Joseph Zoffany.

In 1775 Daniel Gardner. Portrait of Witches Round the Cauldron in which Elizabeth Milbanke Viscountess Melbourne, Georgiana Spencer Duchess Devonshire and Anne Seymour-Conway.

Around 1780 Daniel Gardner. Portrait of Jane Maxwell Duchess Gordon wearing a green riding habit.

On 08 Jul 1805 Daniel Gardner died.