Biography of Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Seymour


Kings Wessex: Great x 20 Grand Daughter of Aethelwulf King Wessex -858

Kings Gwynedd: Great x 11 Grand Daughter of Owain "Great" King Gwynedd 1100-1170

Kings Seisyllwg: Great x 17 Grand Daughter of Hywel "Dda aka Good" King Seisyllwg, King Deheubarth 880-950

Kings Powys: Great x 12 Grand Daughter of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys 1047-1132

Kings England: Great x 6 Grand Daughter of Edward III King England 1312-1377

Kings Scotland: Great x 13 Grand Daughter of Duncan "The Sick" I King Scotland 1001-1040

Kings Franks: Great x 11 Grand Daughter of Louis VII King Franks 1120-1180

Kings France: Great x 8 Grand Daughter of Philip "Fair" IV King France 1268-1314


Around 1509 Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537 was born to John Seymour 1474-1536 and Margery Wentworth at Wulf Hall, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire

Betrothal of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour

On 20 May 1536 Henry VIII and Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537 were betrothed the day after Anne Boleyn had been beheaded..

Marriage of Henry VII and Jane Seymour

On 30 May 1536 Henry VIII and Jane Seymour were married at Whitehall Palace by Stephen Gardiner Bishop Winchester. Jane was appointed as Queen Consort England.

1537 Hans "The Younger" Holbein 1497-. Portrait of Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537

On 12 Oct 1537 Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553 was born to Henry VIII and Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537 at Hampton Court Palace, Richmond, Surrey

Death of Jane Seymour

On 24 Oct 1537 Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537 died at Hampton Court Palace at two in the morning as a result of complications arising childbirth.

Funeral of Jane Seymour

On 12 Nov 1537 Jane Seymour Queen Consort England 1509-1537 was buried in the Henry VIII Vault in St George's Chapel in Windsor. Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558 was Chief Mourner. Thomas Boleyn 1st Earl Wiltshire, 1st Earl Ormonde 1477-1539, Charles Brandon 1st Duke Suffolk 1484-1545, John Gage Lord Chamberlain 1479-1556, Henry Grey 1st Duke Suffolk 1517-1554, Thomas Howard 3rd Duke Norfolk 1473-1554, Thomas Manners 1st Earl Rutland 1492-1543, Ralph Neville 4th Earl Westmoreland 1498-1549, Robert Radclyffe 1st Earl Sussex 1483-1542, John Vere 15th Earl Oxford 1471-1540 and Henry Courtenay 1st Marquess Exeter 1496-1539 attended.


Father: John Seymour 1474-1536

GrandFather: John Seymour 1450-1491

Great GrandFather: John Seymour 1425-1463

Great Great GrandFather: John Seymour 1400-1464

Great Great GrandMother: Isabel Williams

Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Coker

GrandMother: Elizabeth Darell

Mother: Margery Wentworth

GrandFather: Henry Wentworth 5th Baron Despencer 1448-1501

Great GrandFather: Philip Wentworth 4th Baron Despencer 1424-1464

Great Great GrandFather: Roger Wentworth 1395-1462

Great Great GrandMother: Margery Despencer 3rd Baroness Despencer, Baroness Ros Helmsley

Great GrandMother: Mary Clifford Baroness Despencer 1422-1464

Great Great GrandFather: John Clifford 7th Baron Clifford 1389-1422

Great Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Percy Countess Westmoreland 1395-1436

GrandMother: Anne Saye Baroness Despencer

Great GrandFather: John Saye 1430-1478

Great Great GrandFather: John Saye 1380-1468

Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Cheney 1422-1473

Great Great GrandFather: Lawrence Cheney 1396-1461

Great Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Cockayne 1394-1422