Biography of Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Howard


Kings Wessex: Great x 24 Grand Son of Aethelwulf King Wessex

Kings Gwynedd: Great x 16 Grand Son of Owain "Great" King Gwynedd

Kings Seisyllwg: Great x 22 Grand Son of Hywel "Dda aka Good" King Seisyllwg

Kings Powys: Great x 17 Grand Son of Maredudd ap Bleddyn King Powys

Kings England: Great x 9 Grand Son of Edward III King England

Kings Scotland: Great x 7 Grand Son of James II King Scotland

Kings Franks: Great x 15 Grand Son of Louis VII King Franks

Kings France: Great x 11 Grand Son of Philip "Fair" IV King France


On 11 Jan 1655 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk was born to Henry Howard 6th Duke Norfolk and Anne Somerset Duchess Norfolk

Around 1670 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk educated Magdalen College

On 08 Aug 1677 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk and Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk were married

On 13 Jan 1684 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk succeeded 7th Duke Norfolk (3C 1483), 25th Earl Arundel (Sussex), 8th Earl Surrey (3C 1483), 5th Earl Norfolk (5C 1644), 2nd Earl Norwich (3C 1672), 18th Baron Mowbray (1C 1283), 22nd Baron Segrave (1C 1295), 16th Baron Furnivall (1C 1295), 20th Baron Strange Blackmere (1C 1309), 15th Baron Maltravers (1C 1330), 17th Baron Talbot (1C 1331), 15th Baron Arundel (1C 1377), 2nd Baron Howard of Castle Rising, Earl Marshal. Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk by marriage Duke Norfolk (3C 1483).

In 1685 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk was appointed 490th Knight Garter: James II

In 1689 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk was appointed as Privy Council

On 11 Apr 1700 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk and Mary Mordaunt Duchess Norfolk were divorced due to her aldulterous relationship with John Germain Baronet Germain who she married a year later.

On 02 Apr 1701 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk died

After 02 Apr 1701 Henry Howard 7th Duke Norfolk was buried Fitzalan Chapel


Father: Henry Howard 6th Duke Norfolk

GrandFather: Henry Howard 22nd Earl Arundel

Great GrandFather: Thomas Howard 21st Earl Arundel

Great Great GrandFather: Philip Howard 20th Earl Arundel

Great Great GrandMother: Anne Dacre Countess Arundel

Great GrandMother: Alethea Talbot Countess Arundel

Great Great GrandFather: Gilbert Talbot 7th Earl Shrewsbury

Great Great GrandMother: Mary Cavendish Countess Shrewsbury

GrandMother: Elizabeth Stewart Countess Arundel

Great GrandFather: Esmé Stewart 3rd Duke Lennox

Great Great GrandFather: Esmé Stewart 1st Duke Lennox

Great Great GrandMother: Catherine Balsac Duchess Lennox

Great GrandMother: Katherine Clifton Duchess Lennox

Mother: Anne Somerset Duchess Norfolk

GrandFather: Henry Somerset 1st Marquess Worcester

Great GrandFather: Edward Somerset 4th Earl Worcester

Great Great GrandFather: William Somerset 3rd Earl Worcester

Great Great GrandMother: Christina North Countess Worcester

Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Hastings Countess Worcester

Great Great GrandFather: Francis Hastings 2nd Earl Huntingdon

Great Great GrandMother: Catherine Pole Countess Huntingdon

GrandMother: Anne Russell 1st Marchioness Worcester

Great GrandFather: John Russell

Great Great GrandFather: Francis Russell 2nd Earl Bedford

Great Great GrandMother: Margaret St John Countess Bedford

Great GrandMother: Elizabeth Cooke

Great Great GrandFather: Anthony Cooke

Great Great GrandMother: Anne Fitzwilliam