Sep 1483-May 1485 Buckingham's Rebellion

Buckingham's Rebellion

In Oct 1483 Buckingham's Rebellion was an attempt to replace Richard III King England with Henry VII King England and Ireland.Richard Haute took part.He escaped execution, and was subsequently pardoned.
Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers was attainted.
On 02 Nov 1483 Henry Stafford 2nd Duke Buckingham was beheaded in Marketplace for his part in the rebellion.
On 08 Nov 1483 Thomas St Leger was executed at Exeter Castle.
Thomas Grey 1st Marquess Dorset and Eleanor Bohun Countess Ormonde escaped to Henry VII in Brittany. Walter Hungerford, Giles Daubeney 1st Baron Daubeney and Edward Courtenay 1st Earl Devon took part.!The rebellion was suppressed by Richard Guildford and Robert Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby Broke.
On 04 Dec 1483 George Browne was beheaded at Tower Hill.

In Oct 1483 Richard Haute took part in Buckingham's Rebellion.He escaped execution, and was subsequently pardoned.

Richard III Secures Elizabeth Woodville's Daughters

In Mar 1484 Richard III King England attempted to persuade Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England to leave Sanctuary by promising to secure suitable marriages for her daughters.

Marriage of Ralph Scrope and Cecily York

After Mar 1484 Ralph Scrope 9th Baron Scrope Masham and Cecily York Viscountess Welles were married.

Death of Richard's Heir

Battle of Kirtie

On 02 Jul 1484 William Douglas 4th Lord Drumlanrig was killed at Kirtie during the Battle of Kirtie

Battle of Lochmaben Fair

On 22 Jul 1484 James Douglas 9th Earl Douglas was captured at during the Battle of Lochmaben Fair.

Titulus Regius

In 1484 Titulus Regius was the Act of Parliament that justified Richard III King England succession.

Queen Anne Dies