1488-1489 Battle of Sauchieburn

Battle of Sauchieburn

On 11 Jun 1488 Alexander Stewart fought at the Battle of Sauchieburn

Mad War

Siege of Loja

On 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville fought at Loja during the Siege of Loja

Battle of

On 28 Jul 1488 Edward Woodville killed at Brittany during the Battle of

Battle of

Battle of

Yorkshire Rebellion

On 28 Apr 1489 Henry Percy 4th Earl Northumberland was hanged at York by the rebels when attempting to collect the tax.The King then sent an army of 8000 north led by Thomas Howard 2nd Duke Norfolk.The rebels dispersed; their leader John à Chambre was hanged for treason.The rebels then chose John Percy as their leader.His leadership proved less than reliable; he eventually fled to the court of Margaret of Burgundy (sister of Edward IV and Richard III) who remained sympathetic to the Yorkist cause.

In 1489 Parliament granted Henry VII King England and Ireland £10 Anne of Brittany Queen Consort France 's claim to the throne of Brittany.The North rebelled claiming to have already paid through local taxes.