England Events

1st to 5th Centuries

6th to 10th Centuries

500-699 Britons and Anglo-Saxons

700-999 Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

11th Century Events

1000-1049 Cnut

1050-1099 Norman Invasion

12th Century Events

1100-1129 Henry I and the White Ship

1130-1154 Anarchy

1154-1170 Becket

1175-1189 Abergavenny Massacre

1190 Crusade

13th Century Events

1200-1216-Magna Carta

1216-1220 Henry III Succeeds

1230-1259-Henry III

1260-1269-Second Baron's War

1270-1299-Welsh and Scottish Wars

14th Century Events

1300-1309-Scottish Succession

Gaveston's Demise

1320-1329-Despencer War

1330-1339-Edward III and Scottish Independence


1350-1359-Winchelsea and Poitiers

1360-1369-Black Monday Hailstorm

1370-1389-Peasants Revolt

1390-1399-Henry IV Takes the English Crown

15th Century

The 15th Century[Events] commenced with the Epiphany Rising; an attempt to restore Richard II to throne. Its failure resulted in Richard's death, as well as that of its leaders including Richard's half-brother John Holland 1st Duke Exeter 1352-1400.
When Henry V King England 1386-1422 succeeded in 1413 he re-started the Hundred Years War. The Battle of Agincourt the English apogee. Thereafter Joan of Arc's one-year campaign re-invigorated the French and saw the gradual decline of English possessions and influence, and its last battle, the Battle of Castillon, in 1453.
When the English stopped fighting the French they started fighting each other.
The Wars of the Roses started around 1450 and ended in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth (arguably 1487 Battle of Stoke Field), and the subsequent succession to the English Crown of the Tudor Family. The traditional Lancaster vs York more acccurately a first war between the Lancaster and Beaufort fanmilies against the York and Neville families, and a second war between Lancaster and Neville families against York.
The first war of the Wars of the Roses from Jan 1460 to Mar 1461 saw the only remaining member of the House of Lancaster Henry VI King England, II King France 1421-1471 supported by his legitmised cousins the Beauforts against the House of York supported by the Neville family, in particular, Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury 1428-1471 and his brother John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu 1431-1471.
After Edward IV succeeded in 1461 the York and Neville families started fighting each other. Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville a catastrophe. Kingmaker had been negotiating for Edward to marry a French Princess. The increasing influence of the Woodville family resulted in a corresponding descrease in the Kingmaker's influence. The second war of the Wars of the Roses from Mar 1470 to May 1471 saw Edward IV against an unlikely Lancaster-Neville alliance.
When Edward IV's died in 1483 his youngest brother Richard III King England 1452-1485 succeeded. Edward IV's sons were barred from the succession as a consequence of their being illegitimate as a consequence of Edward IV's having married previously. It all hinges whether you believe Robert Stillington Bishop Bath and Wells 1420-1491 was telling the truth when he told Richard III King England 1452-1485 he conducted the earlier marriage. The middle brother George Duke of Clarence's son Edward "Last Plantagenet" York 17th Earl Warwick 1475-1499 was also barred from the succession as a result of his father's attainer. Richard's short reign of two years and two months ended at the Battle of Bosworth where the victorious Henry VII King England and Ireland 1457-1509 succeeded to the English throne.

1400-1414 Epiphany Rising and Rebellions Against Henry IV

1415-1424 Henry V and Agincourt

1425-1449 Loire Campaign

1454-1464 First War of the Wars of the Roses

1465-1469 Rise of the Woodville Family

1469-1479 Second War of the Wars of the Roses

1480-Apr 1483 Edward IV's Last Years

Apr 1483-Aug 1483 Richard III Succeeds

Sep 1483-May 1485 Buckingham's Rebellion

May 1485-Oct 1485 Bosworth

1486-1487 Henry VII Marries

1488-1489 Battle of Sauchieburn

1490-1490 Battle of Sauchieburn

Jun 1497-1499 Cornish Rebellion

Perkin Warbreck Plot

16th Century Events

1500-1519 Death of Prince Arthur

May 1509-1513 Henry Marries Catherine

Henry VIII 2nd Parliament 1512

1520-May 1536-Field of the Cloth of Gold

May 1536-1540-Jane Seymour

1540 Anne of Cleves

1540-1543 Catherine Howard and Cromwell's Execution

1543-1547 Catherine Parr

1545-1550-Edward VI

1550-1558 Edward VI's Death

1559-1579-Elizabeth I

1580-1599-Desmond Rebellion

17th Century Events

1600-1603 Essex Rebellion

1603-1610 James I

1610-1612 Death of Frederick Prince of Wales

1620-1639-Charles I

1640-1649-Civil War and Regicide

1650-1659-Battle of Worcester and the Protectorate


1685-1699-Glorious Revolution

18th Century Events