26 Jul 1346 Battle of Caen

1346 Otho Holland [30]

18 Aug 1415 Siege of Harfleur


c 1415 John Mowbray 2nd Duke Norfolk [23]

1415 William "Jackanapes" Pole 1st Duke Suffolk [19] wounded

17 Sep 1415 Michael Pole 2nd Earl Suffolk [54] killed

1439 William Neville 1st Earl Kent [34] created 155th Knight Garter: Henry VI

John Fastolf [35]

17 Sep 1415 Nicholas IV Longford [42] died


25 Oct 1415 Battle of Agincourt


Thomas Montagu 4th Earl Salisbury [27]

John Grey 1st Earl Tankerville [31]

Ralph 3rd Baron Cromwell [12]

James Tuchet 5th Baron Audley [17]

Thomas Rempston [23] present

Edward Burnell killed

Dafydd Gam Brecon [35] killed

Roger of Bredwardine Vaughan killed

Roger Vaughan

Walter Sais

Alfred Longford as a lancer in the retinue of John Grey 1387-1439

William Harrington [42] as the King's Standard Bearer

England: Vanguard

Edward of Norwich York 1st Duke Aumale, 2nd Duke York [42] killed and commanded

England: Main Battle

Henry of Monmouth V King England [29] commanded

England: Rearguard

Thomas 1st Baron Camoys [64] commanded

England: Kendal Bowmen

25 Oct 1415 Thomas Strickland [48] carried at Agincourt the Banner of St George

25 Oct 1415 France

John I Duke Bourbon [34] captured

John Valois-Alençon I Duke Alençon killed

Anthony Valois-Burgundy Duke Brabant [31] killed

Charles Valois Duke Orléans [21] captured

Edward III Duke Bar [38] killed

Frederick Metz I Count Vaudémont [47] killed

Charles Artois Count Eu [21] captured

Philip Valois-Burgundy II Count Nevers [26] killed

Robert Bar Count Soissons, Count Marle [25] killed

Philippe Rambures killed

Hugues Rambures killed

Jean Rambures killed

David Rambures [51] killed

Waleran Luxembourg [60] died

Jacques Châtillon [48] killed

John Bar [35] killed

Charles Albret [47] killed

29 Jul 1418 Siege of Rouen


c 29 Jul 1418 Henry Beaufort 2nd Earl Somerset [17] killed

1418 Walter 1st Baron Hungerford [40]

Robert 6th Baron Willoughby Eresby [33]

01 Sep 1418 John Blount [30] died

1419 William Harrington [46] wounded as the King's Standard Bearer

1591 Walter Devereux killed


May 1420 Treaty of Troyes

Ralph 3rd Baron Cromwell [17] assisted

Joan of Arc

09 Jan 1431 Rouen Castle: Trial of Joan of Arc

Cardinal Henry Beaufort [56] present

Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick [6] present

John Lancaster 1st Duke Bedford [42] present

Joan Arc [19] accused

30 May 1431 Old Market Place (Rouen): Execution of Joan of Arc

Cardinal Henry Beaufort [56] present

Joan Arc [19] burned at the stake