28 Jun 1461 Westminster Abbey: Coronation of Edward IV

Edward IV King England [19] crowned IV King England: Plantagenet York

Cardinal Thomas Bourchier [43] officiated

William Booth Archbishop York assisted

Feb 1462 Vere and Others Plot to Muder Edward IV

26 Feb 1462 John Vere 12th Earl Oxford [54] hung, drawn and quartered at Tower Hill

20 Feb 1462 Aubrey Vere executed at Tower Hill

23 Feb 1462 Thomas Tuddenham [61] beheaded at Tower Hill

23 Feb 1462 John Montgomery beheaded at Tower Hill

23 Feb 1462 William Tyrrell [54] beheaded at Tower Hill

Jul 1462 Alnwick Castle: Siege of Alnwick

William Douglas 3rd Lord Drumlanrig [22]

Suppressing the Lancastrian Northern Resistance

25 Apr 1464 Battle of Hedgeley Moor


John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu [33] commanded


Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke Somerset [28] commanded

Thomas 9th Baron Ros Helmsley [37] killed

Ralph Percy [39] killed

15 May 1464 Battle of Hexham

The quashing of Lancastrian resistance in the North. More a rout than a battle the Lancastrian forces were overwhelmed with most killed during their chaotic retreat.

c May 1464 Grafton Regis: Marriage of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville

At which Edward IV King England married Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England, with Elizabeth's mother Jacquetta Luxembourg being witness.

Edward IV King England [22] married Elizabeth

Jacquetta Luxembourg [49] present

Sep 1464 Edward IV announces his marriage at Privy Council

Edward IV King England [22] attended

Richard "Kingmaker" Neville 16th Earl Warwick, 6th Earl Salisbury [36] attended

26 May 1465 Westminster Abbey: Coronation of Elizabeth Woodville

Edward IV King England [23] attended

Elizabeth Woodville Queen Consort England [28] crowned Queen Consort England

Richard Woodville 3rd Earl Rivers [12] appointed Knight of the Bath

Anthony Woodville 2nd Earl Rivers [25] appointed Knight of the Bath

John Cheney 1st Baron Cheyne [23] appointed Knight of the Bath

William Calthorpe [55] appointed Knight of the Bath

06 Sep 1465 Cawood Castle: George Neville's Enthronement as Archbishop York

A lavish affair in the north at which George Neville was enthroned as Archbishop of York. Twenty eight peers, fifty nine knights, ten abbots, seven bishops, numerous lawyers, clergy, esquires, and ladies, together with their attendants and servants came to the castle to celebrate.

Richard III King England [13] attended

Anne Neville Queen Consort England [9] attended

George Neville Archbishop York [33] Archbishop York

Isabel Neville 1st Duchess Clarence [14] attended

b 03 Jul 1468 Bruges: Margaret of York's Marriage to Charles the Bold

John Paston [24] retinue

John Paston [26] retinue

Margaret York [22] travelled to