25 Jul 1603 Westminster Abbey: Coronation James I

29 Jul 1567 Charles Howard 1st Earl Nottingham [31] appointed Lord High Steward

William Herbert 1st Baron Powis of Powis Castle in Powys [30] appointed Knight of the Bath

Edward 1st Baron Montagu Boughton [40] appointed Knight of the Bath

23 Jul 1603 Thomas Gresham of Titsey Place [56] knighted at Royal Gardens

23 Jul 1603 George Fane of Burston [22] knighhted

Thomas Berkeley [28] appointed Knight of the Bath

Jul 1603 Bye Plot

A plot by Catholics to kidnap James VI King Scotland, I King England, Scotland and Ireland. Also known as Watson's Plot, the Catholic Plot, the Surprising Treason and the Treason of the Priests.

Thomas 15th Baron Grey of Wilton [27] imprisoned at Tower of London

Thomas 15th Baron Grey of Wilton [27] sentence to death and attainted

Thomas 15th Baron Grey of Wilton [27] arrested, tried and found guilty for his involvement in the Bye Plot

Main Plot

19 Jul 1603 Walter Raleigh [49] arrested

c Nov 1605 Westminster Palace: Gunpower Plot

1605 Anthony-Maria Browne 2nd Viscount Montague [31] arrested

26 Oct 1605 William Parker 4th Baron Monteagle, 14th Baron Marshal, 13th Baron Morley [30] received at Hoxton a letter warning of the Gunpowder Plot and showed it to Robert Cecil 1st Earl Salisbury who then showed it to the King

Nov 1605 Edward 10th Baron Stourton [50] imprisoned at Tower of London

Robert Catesby [33] planned

1610 Prince Henry invested as Prince of Wales and Earl Chester

Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales [16] created Earl Chester (10C 1610)

Henry Frederick Stewart Prince Wales [16] created Prince Wales

01 Jun 1610 Peregrine Bertie [26] appointed Knight of the Bath

22 May 1611 Creation of the First Baronets

Lionel Tollemache 1st Baronet Helmingham Hall [49] created 1st Baronet Helmingham Hall

Nicholas Bacon 1st Baronet Redgrave [71] created 1st Baronet Redgrave (Premier)

John St john 1st Baronet St John [26] created 1st Baronet St John

07 Dec 1612 Westminster Abbey: Funeral of Prince Frederick

Francis Manners 6th Earl Rutland [34] carried the shield

05 Apr 1614 Addled Parliament

Named as a result of nothing being achieved over its eight week term. It was dissolved by James II King England, Scotland and Ireland who subsequently ruled for seven years without recalling Parliament.

Mervyn Tuchet 2nd Earl Castlehaven [21] elected MP Dorset

1614 Richard Edgecumbe [44] elected MP Bodmin

1614 Charles Thynne [46] elected MP Lymington

John "Black Sir John" Egerton [63] elected MP Lichfield

04 Nov 1616 Creation of Charles as Prince of Wales

1616 Robert Radclyffe 5th Earl Sussex [43] carried the purple ermined robe

John Cavendish appointed Knight of the Bath

1622 Vere's Expedition to the Electorate of the Palatinate

William Waller [25] knighted

19 Feb 1624 Happy Parliament

1624 Roland 1st Baronet Egerton and Oulton elected MP Wooton Bassett

1624 Richard Edgecumbe [54] elected MP Grampound