556 Barbury Castle: Battle of Beran Burg


568 Battle of Wibbandun

571 Battle of Bedcanford



577 Dyrham: Battle of Lower Severn

After which the Anglo-Saxons took Gloucester, Cirencester and Bath. The battle is a key moment in the Saxon advance, their reaching the Bristol Channel for the first time.


Farinmail Unknown killed

Condidan Unknown killed

Coinmail Unknown killed

584 Stoke Lyne: Battle of Fethan Leag


592 Adam's Grave: First Battle of Woden's Barrow

At which the Anglo-Saxon King of Wessex Ceawlin King Wessex was driven out. He may have been fighting the Britons but likely he was fighting Ceol King Wessex, his nephew, who became the next King of Wessex.



596 Pope Gregory's First Mission to Christianise the Anglo-Saxons

604 Pope Gregory's Second Mission to Christianise the Anglo-Saxons

b 604 Paulinius Unknown Archbishop Canterbury arrived