18 Jun 1429 Battle of Patay

06 Nov 1429 Westminster Abbey: English Coronation of Henry VI

Henry VI King England, II King France [8] crowned VI King England: Plantagenet Lancaster

Cardinal Henry Beaufort [54] presided

John Mowbray 3rd Duke Norfolk [14] attended

Humphrey Stafford 1st Duke Buckingham [27] attended

Henry Beauchamp 1st Duke Warwick [4] carried the child King

1430 Siege of Compiègne


Philip "Good" Valois-Burgundy III Duke Burgundy [34]

John Luxembourg II Count Ligny [38]


16 Dec 1431 Notre Dame de Paris: French Coronation of Henry VI

Henry VI King England, II King France [10] crowned II King France: Lancaster

Thomas 13th Earl Devon [17] attended

Hugh 12th Earl Devon [42] attended

Walter 1st Baron Hungerford [53] carver

09 May 1435 Battle of Gerberoy


Étienne Vignolles commanded

24 Nov 1440 Great Hall (Edinburgh Castle): Douglas Black Dinner

1440 James II King Scotland [10] attended

1440 William Black Douglas 6th Lord Douglas [16] beheaded

1440 David Black Douglas [10] beheaded

c Jul 1450 Jack Cade's Rebellion

04 Jul 1450 James Fiennes 1st Baron Saye and Sele [55] beheaded at Standard

William Tresham indicted for treason

15 Apr 1450 Battle of Formigny


Arthur III Duke Brittany [57] commanded

Charles I Duke Bourbon [49] commanded


Thomas Kyriell [54] captured

05 Jan 1453 Knighting at Greenwich

Jasper Tudor 1st Duke Bedford [22] knighted by Henry VI

John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu [22] knighted by Henry VI

Edmund Tudor 1st Earl Richmond [22] knighted by Henry VI

William "Black William" Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke [30] knighted by Henry VI

Roger Lewkenor knighted by Henry VI

Thomas Neville [22] knighted by Henry VI

Third Phase

Siege of Louviers

03 Oct 1431 Thomas of Lancaster Beaufort Count Perche [26] killed

07 Jul 1453 Battle of Castillon

John "Old Talbot" 1st Earl Shrewsbury, 1st Earl Waterford [70] killed

Robert 3rd Baron Hungerford [22] captured



John Foix Earl Kendal [43] captured

13 Oct 1453 Westminster Palace: Birth of Edward of Westminster

13 Oct 1453 Edward of Westminster Lancaster Prince Wales born to Henry VI King England, II King France and Margaret of Anjou Valois-Anjou Queen Consort England

31 Oct 1454 Stamford Bridge: Neville - Percy Battle

At which the Neville family, who had been feuding with the Percy family for many years, finally defeated the Percy's.

John Neville 1st Marquess Montagu [23]

Thomas Percy 1st Baron Egremont [32] captured

Richard Percy [28] captured

Thomas Neville [23]

01 May 1455 Langholm: Battle of Arkinholm



Hugh Black Douglas Earl Ormonde executed

Archibald Black Douglas Earl Moray [29] died