Biography of Ine King Wessex

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Wessex

Descendants Family Trees:


Kings Wessex: Great x 2 Grand Son of Cuthwine King Wessex


In 688 Ine King Wessex succeeded as King Wessex

Second Battle of Woden's Barrow

In 715 Ceolred King Mercia and Ine King Wessex were defeated by an unknown army during the Second Battle of Woden's Barrow at Adam's Grave.

In 726 Ine King Wessex died

Ine King Wessex was born to Cenred Wessex


Father: Cenred Wessex

GrandFather: Ceolwald Wessex

Great GrandFather: Cuthwulf Wessex

Great Great GrandFather: Cuthwine King Wessex