Biography of Aethelwald King Deira

Family Trees

Paternal Family Tree: Bernicia

Descendants Family Trees:

Aethelric King Bernicia

Yffe Deira


Kings Bernicia: Grand Son of Aethelfrith King Bernicia

Kings Deira: Great Grand Son of Aella King Deira


Before 05 Aug 642 Aethelwald King Deira was born to Oswald King Northumbria

In 651 Aethelwald King Deira succeeded as King Deira

Battle of the Winwaed

On 15 Nov 655 Aethelwald King Deira, an ally of Penda King Mercia, withdrew his forces at Cock Beck during the Battle of the Winwaed, one of many Mercian allies to do so, weakening Penda King Mercia 's army.


Father: Oswald King Northumbria

GrandFather: Aethelfrith King Bernicia

Great GrandFather: Aethelric King Bernicia

GrandMother: Acha Deira Queen Consort Bernicia

Great GrandFather: Aella King Deira

Great Great GrandFather: Yffe Deira