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Tony Wilson


Paternal. Family members who share the same Y-DNA; descent through the male line.

Maternal. Family members who share the same mt-DNA; descent through the female line.

Descendants. The entire family tree to five generations.


People. Biographies with descent, events, children, and ancestry to five generations.

Consangunity. A list of consanguinious relationships ordered highest to lowest.


Places. Lists of events that occurred at particular places: births, marriages, deaths, battles, etc.

Events. Information about battles, marriages, coronations, etc, who was there, where it took place, and why it was important.

Titles. Lists of Kings, Dukes, Earls, Archbishops, Bishops, MPs, Garter Knights, Constables, etc.


Photos. Photos of monuments in churches and cathedrals.

Effigies. Photos indexed by armour, livery collars, helm crests, what their feet are resting on, etc.

Sculpture. Photos of more recent monuments indexed by the sculptor.


Hover. If you place the mouse over a link relevant page will be shown avoiding having to click back and forth. You can click if you want to go to the page. Sometimes they take a second or two to show.

Errors. There are lots. It is work in progress.

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Family Trees. Find (usually Ctrl-F) useful when looking for something in particular. Zooming using the mouse also useful when the Family Trees are wide and deep.